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I feel so sorry for God. I know how frustrated I get in an argument when I’m trying to explain myself and I’m misunderstood. By one person! But there’s God, misunderstood by a world. Politicians who knew they’d be corrupt before hitting puberty swear by his word on induction. Suicide bombers chant his name just before obliterating thousands. Desperate liars swear by him to plead innocence they never had.

We print our trust in him on the same monies we bribe our way through life with. It’s funny how law courts are probably next after the church in terms of institutions that make use of the Holy Book, and still, lawyers are the lead characters in urban myths about professionals who get buried facedown. Irresponsible parents, selfish humans, social deviants and lovers of the same sex –including leaders of the most loved brands- cling to the will of God as the alibi for their depravation. They claim the creator of all things created them so. It was His will. Poor God.

We rush out of clubs into choir robes. We clasp our hands to pray but smell the scent of dark holes our fingers have probed and poked nights before. We post Bible verses as status updates as if to compensate for the despicable status of our souls. Poor God.

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