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Tears That Tickle.

04 Mar

Just recently, I chanced on the most brilliant piece. My friend -Awo- shared it on her wall. The original writer is anonymous, but the message! Boyyy, the message is as relevant to you as it’ll be to your descendants :-) ! Some things are timeless, like tears that tickle. Here Goes;


Tears That Tickle

Sometimes…we must be hurt in order to grow,

We must fail in order to know,

We must lose in order to gain.


Some lessons are best learned through pain.

Sometimes…our vision clears,

Only after our eyes are washed with tears.

We have to be broken, so we can be tender,

We are sick so we can rest and think better

On things more important than work or fun.

 We are taken for a trip near death,

 So we can assess how we’ve run…

 *         *         *

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A Virgin In Love -By Nana Yaa A. Gyamfi

31 Jan

I confess, the header is my idea, our guest writer -Nana Yaa- had a more…uhmm subtle option. Beg her to forgive me :-) . I think this piece is timeless and phenomenal. It’s coming from so deep within. You don’t even need to speak English to like it, heck it could even make a monolingual Chinese man smile. It beautifully surmises how women feel in love -from a woman’s perspective. I  dare you not to love it. N-Ya, tell ‘em.

*      *      *

This is one of my ‘private poems’; but I want to share it because I’ve been blessed by it at a time I’ve been pretty muddled up. I pray it helps at least one other person as it has me:



Here we are: involved in not being involved

Trying to keep the lines neat and straight;

To grow in friendship as romance evolves

And we become each other’s soulmate.

Here we are: taking the less-travelled road

Courting Agape, resisting Eros

Allowing commitment to unfold

Guarding our hearts like a fragile rose.

love maze

Some days, I struggle to tame the passion

Thoughts of him ignite in me

And I do hardly anything but imagine

How beautiful our union will someday be.

Some days, I think of the roles we’ll play:

Spouse, co-parent, companion, partner

And in my daydreams, we’re always having a good day:

Comfy, content; lots of kisses and laughter.

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Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

03 Dec

Kwame Pocho’s 1000 words is synonymous to elite photography. It turns out his fingers can work more than a camera. Today, by popular request, I reproduce this peice of literary delight he wrote some time ago. I think it’s brilliant, but dont take my word for it. Find out yourself. Kwame, tell ‘em;

This poem was how I summed up a conversation I had with my beloved. She actually tried to define why girls generally like bad boys. She said it was kinda like the way girls love heels; knowing very well “you can’t walk too far with heels” but you wear them anyway cos you know they make you look elegant, or at least make you feel elevated (both literary and figuratively speaking). That conversation was so intriguing I just had to put it together, and I made a poem out of it, just for the fun of it.

Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

good good girls

So she tell to me,

lemme tell to you why girls love them bad bad boys,

and don’t look at them good good boys;

She tell to me, think of boys as shoes:


Good good boys them like flat shoes;

them go take you far, comfortably.

 Them are safe and dependable any day, any weather, 4eva!

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I’m Leaving You Today.

15 Nov

People don’t just up-and-leave. He cant just turn from sweet to sour in the flash of an eye. She didn’t turn from mushy to cold in one breath. Usually, it’s a slow fade. She does get you, she’s been getting you all this while, but even ‘get’ ends at ‘t’. Even bins get full and take no more, so there comes a day when enough is enough. If there’s something you need to stop doing that you haven’t. If there’s something you should be doing that you aren’t, you’ve got to. Today. Before you get a facebook message that reads like this!


I’m Leaving Today.

leaving 2

I’m leaving today, you wont return to meet me.

My suitcases were packed weeks ago,

I just never had the guts to pick them.

I might leave them after all,

I’m not taking any baggage from this life.

*   *   *

It was sweet at start then turned bitter-sweet

All it is now is sheer bitterness

I’d like to say it wasn’t you, that it was me

But that’s another baggage I’m not taking with me

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Dark Light

10 Oct

I have a very dear friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She’s a star now, making waves all over the world. But I know her in a way that few people do. I see beyond the façade of her fame to the emptiness in her life. It makes my heart ache.

People aren’t always as happy as they look. No matter how famous we get in this life, we’ll still be sad without what matters most. Don’t be too quick to envy, he’s sadder than you’ll ever be. She’s emptier than a konko (empty tin).

When we bask in all the vain materialistic glories of this life without connecting ourselves to the true source, what we become, is a dark light!

Dark light

dark light

I shine a great light on countless lives

But watch mine darken slowly

I’m the curve of the smile on countless lips

But the tears in my own eyes

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10 May

A committed girl finds her mind wandering further than it should, about another boy who’s supposed to be just her friend. Deep inside, she nurses the thought of being with him, but too much stands in their way. She knows how complicated emotions can make things. So amidst light flirts and ‘just kidding’ advances, the lines are well defined, the limits are clear. Then one day she wakes up, with her defenses breached.


You were supposed to be just a friend

What’s your business this side of my heart?

This was a stick and stone fight

So what’s that grenade doing in your hands?

You turned a thin line into a clean slate

And now I’m not sure, was I the catch or the bait?

You laced my days with so much of you

That your absence feels like me gone commando.

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