March On! Shall We?
Every day is a karaoke. You choose the song list!  Sing to beautiful things this March. Decide to.

About Goldinwords

The Re-birth

goldin iconGoldinwords is the child of the affair between excruciating creativity and a passion for beautiful writing, born in March 2010. They weren’t supposed to meet till a certain age, but they disrespected nature, met behind my back and now you’re here.

I borrowed the name from an idea I had for a company I fantasized starting way back in Presec.

In December 2012 Goldinwords was hacked. We started afresh in January 2013. Welcome to the rebirth (drumroll)


Goldinwords combines several passions on one page. I call each word golden because it must be that to be worth your time. I started writing poems in Junior High because I wanted a different way to store my thoughts and memories than just entering it in a diary. Now see, I write posts of all kinds!

Why I started this blog -  My Reality check;

I started this blog to provide witty, humorous and creatively inspiring writing to you and a million others of our kind. Plus I want to get better at writing. I’d like better humanity by improving the individual lives of each reader using the high-quality refreshing content in what they read here.

Goldinwords also exists to create an interactive platform that will ultimately bring out the best in each of us, because each time someone signs up, our mastermind of creative intellectuals increases by 1…we become our own stepping stones.

Ultimately, to glorify God for endowing me with the beautiful gifts He has.



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