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Letter To My Dear True Wife

01 Nov

Okay…so it’s been a while (Understatement of The Year, I know). Life and Work got me busy and caught up with stuff so I haven’t been able to write anything for quite a while…until this piece practically walked up to me and asked begged to be written. In the vein of some of my past pieces, it’s a depiction that’s only 50% pure Imagination. I don’t know about all you men who’ll read this , but I’d sure like to be this guy here someday…


Good afternoon Sweetheart.

How are you? Like Really, how Are You? How are you so wonderful? How could it be that you’re all I never knew I wanted but so desperately needed?dcpl

Okay, let’s hold off on that for a minute. I know you’re getting to see this letter in the future and I’m probably off somewhere with our daughter so you’ve got the house all to yourself for the afternoon – which would explain why you’re rearranging my stuff from way back when, and therefore only just now seeing this letter. (Let’s also skip past how I knew this day would come when you’d read this – maybe I’m precognisant??)

I’m writing this letter to chat with you across space and time because I’ve got no one else I’d like to share these particular thoughts with. Simply put: I’m tired, sweetheart. Read the rest of this entry »


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New Year Ronnings!

09 Jan

Yes, I checked the date and it’s well into the new year, but there’s so much newness lingering in the air. Like the almost-new anti-harmattan Vaseline I have in my glove compartment.

Last year was the best and worst for Goldinwords. We rose high and got hacked low. But now that our feet have touched the ground, how much lower can we go herh? I’ve been taking helium injections you know, so each day the sky feels closer.

This year, I’m taking a more humble approach to everything; nothing is really yours you know. Everything you have can be taken from you, what remains is your true value. Self value is what you can make of yourself when you lose all-but yourself. When you’re a Christian, the equation is different; you have God to help you bounce back.

This new year, I wish you inexplicable resilience. May you stand in the face of your greatest fear, pick the speck in its eyes and blow it out of coverage area. May what would have otherwise crippled you only give you a muscle pull. Read the rest of this entry »


Thank God for Geeks

04 Dec

The past month has been rough for Goldinwords. Some wise guy decided to inject a virus code into Goldinwords’ DNA. That introduced a lot of wahala, like being redirected to irrelevant sites and having a hard time accessing Goldinwords in its full glory.

It got really frustrating with all the complaints I had coming in, but thank God for Dennis and Alfred, my personal geeks. Web developers and computer guys in general are like the busiest people on earth. I had always imagined them as no social life, bottle-thick lens wearing geeks. But from recent events, I know for a fact that they’re cooler than Kanye or the Kardashians.

They can stare at a screen of alphanumerical gibberish and make sense of it. They have 20 hr work days playing with Sisco and Misco and all the other scos. They have languages they speak to computers and programs in, and it’s all really fascinating. Read the rest of this entry »