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Tears That Tickle.

04 Mar

Just recently, I chanced on the most brilliant piece. My friend -Awo- shared it on her wall. The original writer is anonymous, but the message! Boyyy, the message is as relevant to you as it’ll be to your descendants :-) ! Some things are timeless, like tears that tickle. Here Goes;


Tears That Tickle

Sometimes…we must be hurt in order to grow,

We must fail in order to know,

We must lose in order to gain.


Some lessons are best learned through pain.

Sometimes…our vision clears,

Only after our eyes are washed with tears.

We have to be broken, so we can be tender,

We are sick so we can rest and think better

On things more important than work or fun.

 We are taken for a trip near death,

 So we can assess how we’ve run…

 *         *         *

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The Whatsapp-Passenger Connection!

26 Feb

passengerI’m an advertiser. I take boring things and make them seem exciting. I have another blog where I write more about that side of my life (Advertures). In searching for a beautiful ad to write about, I chanced upon this Budweiser Super Bowl one. I was smitten, so much that a lighted silhouette of me would have shown hairs standing so erect you could confuse them for acupuncture pins.

One thing that made that ad so powerful for me, was the music. And since I’m a sucker for good music, I dug deeper. It was from this guy called ‘Passenger’. Then I went on to listen to more of his music and watch a few of his shows. His talent is incredible.  In June 2012, he was a nobody, playing to crowds of 17! 17! Now, the light of his stardom makes sunlight seem like shadows. He said before a sold-out mega audience how clueless  he’d been that just a year from 17 onlookers, he’ll be in the major league.

Iwhatsapp1n may 2009, this nobody put up a tweet about how tweeter had refused him a job. Later in August he put up another one about being bounced by facebook. You see this guy was friends with this other guy who emigrated from Ukraine to the US when he was 17 years old. He lived in so much hardship that he survived on food stamps. These two met at Yahoo with their separate series of sad stories. The Ukrainan lost his mum, became an orphan with no family. A year or two later he started whatsapp. In the beginning, it was just meant to be an app that let statuses appear beside your phone contacts. Then it evolved into the SMS replacement it is now. Both guys built this.

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The Glory Of A Nigerian Heritage! compared to yours.

19 Nov
African god

Credit: James C. Lewis

There’s something striking about Nigerian culture; the way a person is named and the pride that comes with a legendary heritage.  It’s drop. Dead. Awesome! A man is announced as Olokun, son of Agayu, grandson of D’banj (sorry, I run out names), from the house of Orin. It’s so grand. Identity has never felt more glamorous.

You just imagine coming from a house of legendary warriors, where your grandfather at 92 has a blind eye to show off from his battle with the giant from Abuja. His childhood stories are what Action films are made of and he still has 18 well-serviced wives and a waist fit enough to dance the Alkayida (dance oo, not movement!).

Your own father is decorated warrior with 7 ghastly scars across his back and chest; each for a warrior-king from the Northern Kingdoms. His speech is laced with more wisdom than whiskey is with alcohol. He has the stature of a glorious statue and the history of an African Hercules. In his palatial hut, a dried lion’s skull hangs on a wall; it was the present he brought his father when he was 17. Common mortals issue threats in his name and their pursuers shudder.

When he speaks, he booms and you look around for where the surround system must be hidden. When he rests his massive hands on your shoulder and calls you “Son!” the pride that swells in you could flood a dam; if only his hands didn’t weigh a ton! He calls upon his youngest wife and you go like Read the rest of this entry »


Who’s Waiting for You?

19 Sep

Waiting in LineI don’t know about you, but there are a couple of people I’m grateful to for the value they’ve added to my life. I still remember Dr. George, who got me my first job at the CSIR library right after high school, and many others after him. I believe in God, and his ability to use whoever he so pleases to be a blessing to whomever He so pleases, but fact is; I was waiting for each of these people-blessings to learn something new, become a better person, and appreciate something better.

Recently I had been waiting for you, yes You! I had been waiting for you to get internet access and visit goldinwords often, become a fan and comment on the stuff you like; you can’t imagine how much of a difference it makes! Because trust me, no matter how self-sufficient you are, it’s so much easier when you have people patting your back and making you know that what you’re doing makes a difference in their lives, so that explains part of why your very existence is a blessing to me. There’s a graph that illustrates the traffic on the site, it lets me know how many people have been where. So anytime you get on this site, you make the next post easier to write, because I’m aware it’s dropping a thought, putting a smile, making a difference in a life -that’s motivation enough.

But aside me, who else has been waiting for you? How many thousands of humans will stand a chance of living a good life because YOU lived yours well? Do you make decisions convenient to you alone or do you consider the generations who’ll read about you some day and get goosebumps because of the inspiration your life will bring to them? Is it possible that till this moment you’ve been very selfish, considering your drinking orgies, chain smoking or mediocre thinking? How do your habits help the rest of us waiting on you to make a difference so we too can think differently? Read the rest of this entry »


2 Frogs & A Milky Situation.

13 Sep

Last week, on a drive home, I told a funny story that was supposed to make the three friends riding with me laugh. The whole story took about ten minutes to tell. I was as artistic, creative and comic as I could manage. When the opportunity lent itself, I exaggerated a bit, all in a bid to make sure they laughed in the end, because there was no way I was going to invest that much time and energy into being funny and accept dullness or indifference in response.

O, so I gbaa the story saaah to the very end then Yvonne goes “Ben, you know this’ like the third time you’re telling this story right?”  This silly look embraced my face like a mushy mother, then they erupted into epic laughter. The consolation was that they did laugh eventually. So anyways, now before any story, I like to give a disclaimer “I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already, or if you’ve heard it somewhere…”

So well, I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already, or if you’ve heard it somewhere, but once upon a time, Read the rest of this entry »

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