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How Love Found Him… by Tele

15 Feb

But for my unscheduled sabbatical, I probably wouldn’t have needed this (re)introduction. I’m kinda sorta the other writer here on Goldinwords, but apparently trying to get that little bit ahead of the pack meant working longer than you’re awake and harder than ten masons put together. But in the spirit of the Season, I was pushed  to create this. Meet Vin: one-time bad boy who would have hung it all up for Pauline, if not for Life…& Genevieve. The kind of story that starts today, goes back into the day, then returns to later today and ends in a shower… :-)

Based on a True story… :o

*        *        *

Bittersweet awakening.

Personally, I think it’s unfair that her face should be the first one I thought of waking up this morning.

Vincent cradled his head in his hands as he sat up in bed. By an uncanny stroke of (?bad) luck his leave began this Friday.

The house was quiet – Genevieve had probably left to drop off the kids at school.



The kids – Ayiwa & Fiifi. He smiled. He still couldn’t believe that Vin, the Heartstopper, was now a responsible husband & father of 2. Thank God that a consummate skirt chaser was still eligible at the end of the day to be blessed so.

He ran his hands through his day-old stubble as he remembered…Pauline.

That girl stopped me dead in my tracks mehn, he mused wryly. The ironic part was that he’d known Genevieve by then, but someway somehow, they were never in the ‘right place’ at the right time for things to *click* – that came later.

But Pauline…that woman nearly killed me oh, he grimaced at the thought. It was only in the darkest recesses of his mind that he would admit to himself that she was the first woman who actually Stopped the Heartstopper.

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A Virgin In Love -By Nana Yaa A. Gyamfi

31 Jan

I confess, the header is my idea, our guest writer -Nana Yaa- had a more…uhmm subtle option. Beg her to forgive me :-) . I think this piece is timeless and phenomenal. It’s coming from so deep within. You don’t even need to speak English to like it, heck it could even make a monolingual Chinese man smile. It beautifully surmises how women feel in love -from a woman’s perspective. I  dare you not to love it. N-Ya, tell ‘em.

*      *      *

This is one of my ‘private poems’; but I want to share it because I’ve been blessed by it at a time I’ve been pretty muddled up. I pray it helps at least one other person as it has me:



Here we are: involved in not being involved

Trying to keep the lines neat and straight;

To grow in friendship as romance evolves

And we become each other’s soulmate.

Here we are: taking the less-travelled road

Courting Agape, resisting Eros

Allowing commitment to unfold

Guarding our hearts like a fragile rose.

love maze

Some days, I struggle to tame the passion

Thoughts of him ignite in me

And I do hardly anything but imagine

How beautiful our union will someday be.

Some days, I think of the roles we’ll play:

Spouse, co-parent, companion, partner

And in my daydreams, we’re always having a good day:

Comfy, content; lots of kisses and laughter.

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Too Late To Love Me Back.

28 Jan

bismarkYou know how you can be so sure that you don’t want something? That you’re better off without it? and then the second it slips through your fingers, you feel the emptiness, and in just an instant you are so absolutely certain that that’s all you ever wanted and can’t imagine how  you could have been how you were when you were wishing it were gone? Well it happened to a friend of mine…her boyfriend,and I’m gonna let her tell you herself.

*     *     *

So I’m 13 years old and my cousins are having a party, my cousins are twins, and I too have a twin. We were like quarters of each other, but my sister was the bigger half of us two; has always been, is and always will be. At this party there was a boy. I’ve always known whassup, right from my Morning Star days, I found it rather awkward that this gorgeous guy would shut me out totally. Beyond the time when my cousin introduced us, he didn’t so much as ask my surname. So it’s pretty strange that he remained on my mind over all the other guys I had bugging me even at that age.

We met once or twice afterwards within that year, he didn’t change, never made an attempt to know me better. I was disgusted, romantically disgusted, I concluded he was a pushover, he pushed my heart over, but I was a child, I had my whole life to live, and in a matter of time he faded out of my heart, and then my mind and then my life and then I grew up. Read the rest of this entry »


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Letter To My Dear True Wife

01 Nov

Okay…so it’s been a while (Understatement of The Year, I know). Life and Work got me busy and caught up with stuff so I haven’t been able to write anything for quite a while…until this piece practically walked up to me and asked begged to be written. In the vein of some of my past pieces, it’s a depiction that’s only 50% pure Imagination. I don’t know about all you men who’ll read this , but I’d sure like to be this guy here someday…


Good afternoon Sweetheart.

How are you? Like Really, how Are You? How are you so wonderful? How could it be that you’re all I never knew I wanted but so desperately needed?dcpl

Okay, let’s hold off on that for a minute. I know you’re getting to see this letter in the future and I’m probably off somewhere with our daughter so you’ve got the house all to yourself for the afternoon – which would explain why you’re rearranging my stuff from way back when, and therefore only just now seeing this letter. (Let’s also skip past how I knew this day would come when you’d read this – maybe I’m precognisant??)

I’m writing this letter to chat with you across space and time because I’ve got no one else I’d like to share these particular thoughts with. Simply put: I’m tired, sweetheart. Read the rest of this entry »


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From Us Guys, To Our Girlfriends :-(

19 Jul

boy manual 2Your boy could be with you either because you’re generous with your body, he’s too lazy to start a new relationship after half a decade of being with you, he was there when your single father died tragically, so leaving you’ll be heartless. Or because he loves you dearly and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. It is possible to work your way up to the latter.

For starters, build memories. Build beautiful memories that’ll permanently etch you in his mind, even if he wills it not to. Do silly outlandish things once in a while. In F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Monica shows up in Chandler’s apartment wearing a thanksgiving turkey on her head and dancing to an Indian song. Find out what makes him laugh and do something to induce it. If you can, do several things to induce it, because there are times when a laughter-inducing memory becomes a rare gem. With me, I love accents, so when we do role plays and I’m the Ashanti bogger introducing you as my Chinese wife to my conservative family, and you do that funny forced-Chinese accent, you could crack me up big time. It shouldn’t be as often as the day comes though, that ruins it.

Few guys wear their hearts on their sleeves, but some things really touch us. Right now, I’ll tell you one thing that’ll touch even a brick-hearted guy to the core. Read the rest of this entry »


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Your Boyfriend’s User Manual.

12 Jul

boy manualThe guy you’re with is human. How complicated aaaaahh can he be? Keeping him is really about knowing how and when to play your cards, and that brings me to my first apor (tip); the card stash.

From the day you agree to be his girl, or he agrees to be yours (depending on which side of the world you’re reading from) both of you receive an invisible deck of cards. They’re like ‘get out of jail free’ cards, and they’re limited, so I wonder why you misuse yours so. Depending on the guy you’re with, and how crazy he was about you when you started out, you might have received a hundred or a dozen, either ways wise usage is key.

If you keep going ooon and oooonnn about something he’s already apologized for, you’ve used one, and established yourself as a nagger. If you see a suggestive text on his phone and go berserk, throw tantrums and verbally abuse him, only to find out that it was actually from his sister –who wanted advice before sending it to her boy- you’ve used five.

It surprises me when you think that just because I say I’ve forgiven you, it means I’m incapable of recollecting that one time when you disrespected me in front of my friends, given that you just repeated it. Yes baby, I forgave you, but you didn’t get your seven cards back, they’re used up! Read the rest of this entry »


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Dealing with Girlfriend Snatchers! #yawa boys

04 Jul

girl snatchCharle brodas why? A hardworking guy has tried aaahhh and landed the girl of his dreams, why have you made it your life’s mission to repossess her? Guys of today are too shameless, knowing no boundaries. It’s all a game, nothing personal. There’s no regard for another dawg’s turf. The hotter your girl is, the deader you are.

Speaking to girlfriend snatchers seems like a lost cause to me. Their conscience is further gone than a car tire rolling down a steep hill. I’d like to speak to guys with hot girls,  the legitimate custodians of beautiful women. I have plenty of experience in that area. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adult Love, Childish games.

24 May

childish loveA boy was playing with a girl one day. She had ten pebbles and he had ten candies. They thought it’ll be swell to make an exchange. Gimme your candies, and I’ll give you my pebbles.
The girl reached into her pocket and handed over to him all ten of her pebbles. He however, took out just 4 and gave that out. That night, the guy couldn’t sleep, he was haunted by the thought that maybe, the girl hadn’t given him all of her pebbles.

“She musta stashed some.” He thought. “If i did that, then surely she also could.”
All that time he was wondering if he had been played, she Read the rest of this entry »


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A Groom’s Biggest Mistake- will you commit it too?

13 May

sad groom

Originally posted 7/16/2010
Unlike most people, my favorite part of a wedding isn’t when the groom locks his lips with the bride’s –by their wedding day, that’s standard greeting- My favorite part is when the organist starts playing the infamous ‘taantantanaa, taantantanaaaa…” to usher the bride in. The groom standing at the altar turns –along with everyone at the wedding- to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous bride as she stealthily picks her steps and glides down the red carpet like she was in slow-motion roller skates.

I don’t join in the chorus; there’ll be more time to feast my eyes on the ravishing bride later. Instead, I shift my focus to the groom. That instant when he sees his to-be life partner walking down the aisle to seal a life-long commitment being witnessed by dearest friends and close family, what does his face say? Lost in the emotions and realities he finds himself in, his face at that instant is incapable of lying. In that instant when everyone’s watching the bride march in, his face speaks freely.

Usually –which is the ideal situation- he’s in content disbelief, humming to the infamous twi Gospel song; Nti mi paa me nie, na w’ay3 me sei eee…(so is this really me God, that you’ve been soo good to?). He might even have teary eyes; tears of joy. Dreading in his heart that part of the ceremony where the priest asks Read the rest of this entry »



10 May

A committed girl finds her mind wandering further than it should, about another boy who’s supposed to be just her friend. Deep inside, she nurses the thought of being with him, but too much stands in their way. She knows how complicated emotions can make things. So amidst light flirts and ‘just kidding’ advances, the lines are well defined, the limits are clear. Then one day she wakes up, with her defenses breached.


You were supposed to be just a friend

What’s your business this side of my heart?

This was a stick and stone fight

So what’s that grenade doing in your hands?

You turned a thin line into a clean slate

And now I’m not sure, was I the catch or the bait?

You laced my days with so much of you

That your absence feels like me gone commando.

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