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How ‘BIG’ Are You ;-/

03 Apr

how bigGo on, check, I got a moment. Are you happy? Does it match your ego or do you need an enlargement? I hope you aren’t getting this twisted. See, I’m not referring to a dangling physical organ that’s only good for piss and sex. I’m referring to how closely you match God’s definition of a man, especially when you have a woman in your life. That’s what manhood really is.

Picture a scenario where you set an exam for a primary 4 class you teach. It’s that exam that will indicate which student is smart and which isn’t. At break, your kids decide that if they’re going to base their sense of intelligence on your exam, it’ll mean too much work. But they still want to be intelligent (or seen as that), so they set their own exam with tests like “whose piss can reach farthest? Whose pen has the most ink? Whose exercise book has the most leaves? Whose school bag has the most zips?” In the end, the most intelligent boy in the room is nothing more than the one with the most things, and the unfortunate smart kid starts feeling stupid.

That’s how we are, you and I. We redefine standards, so we can qualify. We redefine what it means to be a Godly guy, so we can screw around and still sing in the choir without hurting our conscience. We redefine what it means to be a good husband so we can disrespect our wives and still feel like God’s gift to women. In the end, the most ‘manly’ man in the room becomes nothing more than the most prolific sex machine.

You see, the most important nature of a real man, is how good a spiritual cover he is over his girlfriend, over his wife (not concurrently though) and his family. Being a boyfriend is more of a spiritual situation than a romantic one. Because unspiritualized romance is ripe for carnal exploits.

You should be the reason your girlfriend ends up in heaven and not beneath it. You should stop groping and start Read the rest of this entry »


Too Late To Love Me Back.

28 Jan

bismarkYou know how you can be so sure that you don’t want something? That you’re better off without it? and then the second it slips through your fingers, you feel the emptiness, and in just an instant you are so absolutely certain that that’s all you ever wanted and can’t imagine how  you could have been how you were when you were wishing it were gone? Well it happened to a friend of mine…her boyfriend,and I’m gonna let her tell you herself.

*     *     *

So I’m 13 years old and my cousins are having a party, my cousins are twins, and I too have a twin. We were like quarters of each other, but my sister was the bigger half of us two; has always been, is and always will be. At this party there was a boy. I’ve always known whassup, right from my Morning Star days, I found it rather awkward that this gorgeous guy would shut me out totally. Beyond the time when my cousin introduced us, he didn’t so much as ask my surname. So it’s pretty strange that he remained on my mind over all the other guys I had bugging me even at that age.

We met once or twice afterwards within that year, he didn’t change, never made an attempt to know me better. I was disgusted, romantically disgusted, I concluded he was a pushover, he pushed my heart over, but I was a child, I had my whole life to live, and in a matter of time he faded out of my heart, and then my mind and then my life and then I grew up. Read the rest of this entry »


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Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

03 Dec

Kwame Pocho’s 1000 words is synonymous to elite photography. It turns out his fingers can work more than a camera. Today, by popular request, I reproduce this peice of literary delight he wrote some time ago. I think it’s brilliant, but dont take my word for it. Find out yourself. Kwame, tell ‘em;

This poem was how I summed up a conversation I had with my beloved. She actually tried to define why girls generally like bad boys. She said it was kinda like the way girls love heels; knowing very well “you can’t walk too far with heels” but you wear them anyway cos you know they make you look elegant, or at least make you feel elevated (both literary and figuratively speaking). That conversation was so intriguing I just had to put it together, and I made a poem out of it, just for the fun of it.

Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

good good girls

So she tell to me,

lemme tell to you why girls love them bad bad boys,

and don’t look at them good good boys;

She tell to me, think of boys as shoes:


Good good boys them like flat shoes;

them go take you far, comfortably.

 Them are safe and dependable any day, any weather, 4eva!

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I’m Leaving You Today.

15 Nov

People don’t just up-and-leave. He cant just turn from sweet to sour in the flash of an eye. She didn’t turn from mushy to cold in one breath. Usually, it’s a slow fade. She does get you, she’s been getting you all this while, but even ‘get’ ends at ‘t’. Even bins get full and take no more, so there comes a day when enough is enough. If there’s something you need to stop doing that you haven’t. If there’s something you should be doing that you aren’t, you’ve got to. Today. Before you get a facebook message that reads like this!


I’m Leaving Today.

leaving 2

I’m leaving today, you wont return to meet me.

My suitcases were packed weeks ago,

I just never had the guts to pick them.

I might leave them after all,

I’m not taking any baggage from this life.

*   *   *

It was sweet at start then turned bitter-sweet

All it is now is sheer bitterness

I’d like to say it wasn’t you, that it was me

But that’s another baggage I’m not taking with me

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Letter To My Dear True Wife

01 Nov

Okay…so it’s been a while (Understatement of The Year, I know). Life and Work got me busy and caught up with stuff so I haven’t been able to write anything for quite a while…until this piece practically walked up to me and asked begged to be written. In the vein of some of my past pieces, it’s a depiction that’s only 50% pure Imagination. I don’t know about all you men who’ll read this , but I’d sure like to be this guy here someday…


Good afternoon Sweetheart.

How are you? Like Really, how Are You? How are you so wonderful? How could it be that you’re all I never knew I wanted but so desperately needed?dcpl

Okay, let’s hold off on that for a minute. I know you’re getting to see this letter in the future and I’m probably off somewhere with our daughter so you’ve got the house all to yourself for the afternoon – which would explain why you’re rearranging my stuff from way back when, and therefore only just now seeing this letter. (Let’s also skip past how I knew this day would come when you’d read this – maybe I’m precognisant??)

I’m writing this letter to chat with you across space and time because I’ve got no one else I’d like to share these particular thoughts with. Simply put: I’m tired, sweetheart. Read the rest of this entry »


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From Us Guys, To Our Girlfriends :-(

19 Jul

boy manual 2Your boy could be with you either because you’re generous with your body, he’s too lazy to start a new relationship after half a decade of being with you, he was there when your single father died tragically, so leaving you’ll be heartless. Or because he loves you dearly and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. It is possible to work your way up to the latter.

For starters, build memories. Build beautiful memories that’ll permanently etch you in his mind, even if he wills it not to. Do silly outlandish things once in a while. In F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Monica shows up in Chandler’s apartment wearing a thanksgiving turkey on her head and dancing to an Indian song. Find out what makes him laugh and do something to induce it. If you can, do several things to induce it, because there are times when a laughter-inducing memory becomes a rare gem. With me, I love accents, so when we do role plays and I’m the Ashanti bogger introducing you as my Chinese wife to my conservative family, and you do that funny forced-Chinese accent, you could crack me up big time. It shouldn’t be as often as the day comes though, that ruins it.

Few guys wear their hearts on their sleeves, but some things really touch us. Right now, I’ll tell you one thing that’ll touch even a brick-hearted guy to the core. Read the rest of this entry »


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Your Boyfriend’s User Manual.

12 Jul

boy manualThe guy you’re with is human. How complicated aaaaahh can he be? Keeping him is really about knowing how and when to play your cards, and that brings me to my first apor (tip); the card stash.

From the day you agree to be his girl, or he agrees to be yours (depending on which side of the world you’re reading from) both of you receive an invisible deck of cards. They’re like ‘get out of jail free’ cards, and they’re limited, so I wonder why you misuse yours so. Depending on the guy you’re with, and how crazy he was about you when you started out, you might have received a hundred or a dozen, either ways wise usage is key.

If you keep going ooon and oooonnn about something he’s already apologized for, you’ve used one, and established yourself as a nagger. If you see a suggestive text on his phone and go berserk, throw tantrums and verbally abuse him, only to find out that it was actually from his sister –who wanted advice before sending it to her boy- you’ve used five.

It surprises me when you think that just because I say I’ve forgiven you, it means I’m incapable of recollecting that one time when you disrespected me in front of my friends, given that you just repeated it. Yes baby, I forgave you, but you didn’t get your seven cards back, they’re used up! Read the rest of this entry »


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Dealing with Girlfriend Snatchers! #yawa boys

04 Jul

girl snatchCharle brodas why? A hardworking guy has tried aaahhh and landed the girl of his dreams, why have you made it your life’s mission to repossess her? Guys of today are too shameless, knowing no boundaries. It’s all a game, nothing personal. There’s no regard for another dawg’s turf. The hotter your girl is, the deader you are.

Speaking to girlfriend snatchers seems like a lost cause to me. Their conscience is further gone than a car tire rolling down a steep hill. I’d like to speak to guys with hot girls,  the legitimate custodians of beautiful women. I have plenty of experience in that area. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adult Love, Childish games.

24 May

childish loveA boy was playing with a girl one day. She had ten pebbles and he had ten candies. They thought it’ll be swell to make an exchange. Gimme your candies, and I’ll give you my pebbles.
The girl reached into her pocket and handed over to him all ten of her pebbles. He however, took out just 4 and gave that out. That night, the guy couldn’t sleep, he was haunted by the thought that maybe, the girl hadn’t given him all of her pebbles.

“She musta stashed some.” He thought. “If i did that, then surely she also could.”
All that time he was wondering if he had been played, she Read the rest of this entry »


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The Drunken Husband.

03 Apr

drunk husbandMy friend Kobe has been around. Back in the day, he’d start his Friday night at Purple pub in Osu, where the booze was strong and cheap. He never stayed for longer than an hour, the real fun was elsewhere. He’d grind a little at Aphro, move to Boom, then return to Citizen Kofi in Osu. It was a summary of loud tracks, kaleidoscopic lights, cloud-smoke air, bare-clad women plus excess booze and loose morals. Sometimes, he’d go to Epo’s further down the road hungry. Their food and booze was much cheaper than in the clubs and they stayed open till dawn. That was usually the last point of call till he picked a drop home, all the way in Adenta. If he picked up a girl or a hooker (there’s usually little difference at that time of the night, at those places) he checked into the Blue Gate hotel or little Tokyo lodge and let lust reign.

But that was then. Now, he’s in the choir at his church. I call him the leashed beast and tease him about the havoc he could wreck in that small church choir if he should ever relapse. He tells me a lot about his past. I can tell he enjoys it because I’m always, always amazed. My pupils dilate, my lips part, my body leans in, like an enthralled kid hearing about ‘Madam Red High Heels’ for the very first time. Last week, he told me a story. It shook me. Read the rest of this entry »


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